Benjamin Nockles


I am sort of invested in a lot of different interests right now. My goal is to make neverbenbetter a portfolio of everything I'm working on, but you can find out all about that on the overview page.

I grew up in a Christian household in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and went to undergrad at Willamette University in Salem. In 2007 I moved to New York City after being accepted into Math for America's Newton Fellowship program, a program that I renewed twice as a master teacher and am still involved with today. I earned a masters in math education from NYU and worked as a math teacher ever since then, first at Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts and later Brooklyn Technical High School.

I met Ilona in 2009 and knew within a matter of weeks I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. We didn't waste anytime and got married on our one year (dating) anniversary, July 31, 2010. We now have two girls, Rae and Kay and live in midtown, Manhattan.

In 2015 I got into 3D printing and finished my first book, a children's book in the spirit of The Chronicles of Narnia called "Tsartva's Horse." I plan to self publish after I finish illustrating it, hopefully in the summer of 2017.

In 2012 I was inspired by a colleague in Math for America to try my hand at programming a few tasks that I found to be too tedious. In 2016 I released the OrcMath Worksheet Generator for making math practice pages for students. In 2017 I released Spliced: Lesson Planning Tool on the App Store.

Read my MfA article on classroom assessment, "What Should Students be Able to do to Demonstrate Understanding?

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