About OrcMath

Nearly five years ago, I tried to find an online resource for simple, customizable math worksheets. I wasn't satisfied by what I could find, so I decided to take on the project myself. For several years, I used my application in my own classroom before I finally decided to code an easy-to-use interface that would make the powerful worksheet generator available to everyone. 

As of January 30, 2017 OrcMath has been made available for download on computers running Java. The current version is 1.3.1, which was released March 9, 2017.

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Free and offline

Many applications that are 'free' are really just platforms to either collect data from its user or to bombard them with third party advertisers. When I designed OrcMath, I did it with the intention of being able to work without the necessity of an Internet connection and without ads.

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Fully Customizable

Not only can you customize every element of your PDFs from the headers to the instructions to the number of columns, but every image is also saved to your disk as a .png that you can reuse in presentations or other documents.


Detailed answers

A great deal of work was invested into making answer keys that were just as valuable to students as they are to teachers. With OrcMath, teachers can post informative answer keys online for students to review every step of the problem.