Geometry Diagrams



I have ben wanting to design Coplanar for a long, long time. While I've made great use of existing mathematics visualization software, there has never been a tool designed specifically for exporting math diagrams to worksheets and exams for use in the classroom. Coplanar has everything you would expect to see in geometry app and more: a LaTeX editor, a built in tool for adding congruency marks and parallel marks, and perhaps its most practical feature: a growing number of built in diagrams, available with the touch of a button.

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX (Pronounced ‘LAY-Tek’) is a document markup language that excels at formatting mathematical expressions. Coplanar includes the entire LaTeX library, so you can add sophisticated expressions on top of your diagrams. To see this in action, check out the video below. If you would like help on using LaTeX, check out the Wikipedia page for the math library.


How do I erase hatch marks?

When adding hatch marks, whether for segment or angle congruency, after confirming the mark (by tapping the checkmark) the mark cannot be erased except through using the UNDO function or clearing the entire canvas.


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