I have a lot of interests. I'm a parent of two amazing little girls and the husband of a astonishing woman. I'm a Christian who is always trying to better understand theWord. I'm a teacher who is always challenging traditional practice and striving to improve student experience. I'm a budding programmer who is hoping to launch some teaching software in the near future. I'm a writer who is hoping to release a book soon. I'm a 3D-printer and board game hobbyist. This site is where you can look in on my progress on all of those things and this page in particular is where you can navigate to any one of my projects.



In my blog I write primarily about teaching and parenting.



"Studies in Scripture" is where I post my religious writing.

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Here you can learn more about the free math worksheet generator that I hope to release in February. (If you are a math teacher, you should really check it out.)


3D Printing

Here you will find all of my original 3D printed models, most of which are purposed for teaching mathematics.



I've written reviews for my top 10 board games on this page.