3 Ways Spliced Makes Teaching Easier


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1. Save time.

Spliced uses your lesson plan to generate other teaching documents automatically.

Handout for students, class contracts, syllabi, curriculum maps, presentation slides... If the information for these documents can be found in your lesson plans, Spliced can be configured to generate those documents for you. What does that mean? You specify the content and the scope: "instructions from a single lesson" or "learning outcomes from every lesson in a particular unit, accompanied my assessments" ...you name it. Spliced is capable of extracting that data from those lessons, generating a PDF and presenting you with just the tools to tinker the output to your liking. 


2. Simplify.

Spliced organizes ALL of your teaching material in one, convenient place – your phone or tablet.

If you are like me, then while you've been teaching, all of your files (ALL of them: SMART Notebook Presentations, Curriculum Maps, Lesson Plans, Homework Assignments, Handouts, Class Contracts) are somewhere in a complex file system that spans across time and space. I have Geometry lessons from 2009 on Dropbox, Computer Science homework from 2016 on Google Drive, Calculus homework from 2015 on iCloud... you get the idea. Spliced stores all of that data - believe it or not - in a single file. This is possible because the data it stores is stripped down to just the content with no redundancy. Formatted material such as homework assignments or lesson plans aren't stored, but generated, on the fly, from that data. Added up across years of teaching multiple classes and Spliced can save a huge amount space which makes finding files easier too. Accessing your data or comparing content between different lessons is lightning fast since you don't have to find files or wait for them to load. Spliced doesn't require cloud services, a storage subscription, or even a username. It is simply a powerful application that runs locally on your device. That also means you don't need a WiFi signal to use the app, so you can revise your lessons truly on-the-go, even during those five minutes before your next class enters the room or during your commute on the train.


3. Share.

Spliced enables you to share lessons with your colleagues in a way that is inherently categorized and structured.

The sharing function built into Spliced is unlike anything I've ever seen. If an administrator wants to view your lesson plan, Spliced allows you to generate a PDF and export it via email or Airdrop from within the app. If you want to share an activity with a colleague in such a way that they can tinker it and use it in their own classroom, Spliced keeps your data organized and makes it easy to find. Once you've found the information you want to share, that organization is embedded in the data so the recipient receives more than just a file. The information received can instantly be reflected in their curriculum maps, unit plans or any other document he or she wishes to generate.

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