This is America. Start acting like it.

As we go into an election, it is important to identify that regardless of what the media says, regardless of the tactics that are used by campaigns to scare people into voting a certain way, our election process is not a fight against "the enemy." The belief in an enemy brings people to the polls, but I would encourage you to reject that way of thinking. The goal of our government, regardless of who is in power, is to abide by and protect our Constitution. Period. The idea that a political party is set on destroying the Constitution, through an amendment or a Supreme Court decision, is ludicrous. You might believe a particular law or policy has the potential to be especially damaging, but behind every one of those proposals are millions of thoughtful, dignified Americans who, whether directly or indirectly, voted that very law, proposition, candidate, or bill into being. When you echo derogatory terms to castigate ANY branch of our government, best case scenario, you may be 100% correct, but your language invites conflict with every voter who now feels a need to defend their vote against what they perceive as disrespectful or even treasonous opposition. Try on this phrase for size: “I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish via X, and I think your cause noble, but I disagree with your methods and I fear certain ramifications.” You’re not accomplishing something by simply calling the other side “evil”, but you’re doing a great job of building more barriers to prevent the conversation from moving forward.