#4 Concordia


Nominal Award: Best Civilization Game

Mechanics: Card Drafting, Resources Management, Area Management

Players: 2 - 5 



Concordia is about colonizing Italy or Europe. (There are two sides of the board.) Mechanically, colonizing is your "run of the mill" procedure: collect resources to build varying types of cities that produce more resources. Continue like this, expanding, building other things or selling at the market. What sets this game apart is the card playing mechanic. Like a deck builder game, one of the things players can do is use their colony resources to buy more playing cards. A turn consists of simply playing a card from your hand and laying it in front of you. Unlike many other deck builders, you always begin with your whole deck in your hand. There is no "luck of the draw", you have access to everything. The catch is, once you play a card, you cannot play it again until you pick up all your cards, which is, in itself, a card action. Timing is everything.


Concordia is so interesting it wins not only "Best Civilization Game," but also "Favorite Game to Lose" because I enjoy playing no matter what the outcome. Inevitably, in each game I always say aloud, "I don't even care if I lose, I love the game so much!" I think one of the characteristics that lends itself to such an award is that victory points are only tallied at the end. If you fall behind early on, you aren't distracted or discouraged by the point differential. This also makes the game more enjoyable for new players.