A few weeks ago, I posted a video on The Wealth Vlog ('Should I Invest in a Mutual Fund?') during which I explained how i research companies before I invest in them. It didn't stop there. For weeks after I released the video, I continued my study of 5G until it amounted to a brand new, ten-minute video.

You can check out the video below:

I spent about three weeks reading about mobile technology before writing the script for this video. I then spent several days shooting, drawing, and editing. It was a ton of fun and I definitely want to do more for the 'Explanations for Anyone' series.

After squeezing so much content into such a short video, I decided it needed an info graphic to go along with it. Below, you can download the 18'x18' pdf or order your own print from redbubble. If you order from Red Bubble, I receive a small comission: a great way to show your appreciation!